b street eats

When Murray Hill Restaurant B Street Eats asked for a video that would introduce locals to their business on social media, I knew I could exceed their expectations. As we discussed their business and passions, I formed a vision of how to showcase what made them unique, and I presented a video script and concept. I filmed over two days, using the second day to carefully shoot and light their dishes in a studio space. After completing editing, sound, motion graphics, and music licensing I delivered the final video to resounding approval from the clients. B Street Eats has used the video repeatedly on Facebook and Instagram, garnering thousands of views and spreading interest in their business.

Maple Street - Field to Fork Fresh jar Salads

Maple Street Biscuit Company asked for a video to announce their new line of jar salads. As these were the first dishes added to their menu in years, they wanted to ensure the message was clear, inviting, and consistent with their branding.  Maple Street coordinated a tasting with some of their followers on social media, and I brought the equipment and skills to film the event. I then edited, added motion graphics, and added licensed music. The video received incredible response on the Maple Street Facebook page, and Maple Street immediately ordered a set of complimentary videos to add to their marketing for the menu items.


The hourglass pub and coffee house

The Hourglass Pub and Coffee House wanted a short video that captured their anniversary celebration and showcased their unique style on social media. After filming the event, I designed the motion graphics and copy to to match both the events in their celebration and the style of the business. The video was embraced by their Facebook followers and shared across Jacksonville.

Maple Street - What do you love?

Maple Street Biscuit Company asked me to create a series of videos for Valentines 2017 where their customers could share what they loved about Maple Street. I coordinated with the Maple Street team in Murray Hill to set up a video booth in their store, then we let their guests do the talking. I coordinated filming throughout that day, monitoring video and sound and obtaining signed releases from every guest who appears in the video. I created three videos for the campaign. While the video above in my favorite, you can find the other videos here. All three videos were shared widely on Maple Street's Facebook and Instagram pages, contributing to the tremendous success of the campaign.